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  1. Flood Coverage

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    Nearly one in three Canadians don’t know what type of water coverage they have or need.

    This means that, with water losses on the rise, many clients have been finding out—too late—that flooding is not covered by their insurance policies.

    Your basic insurance policy covers only certain water damage, related to appliances or burst pipes.

    Sewer backup (water that backs up into the home from the sewer line) is an optional coverage under most home insurance policies, but an exterior flood – from a storm or overflowing eaves, downspouts or drains – that flows into the house is generally not covered.

    Until 2015, coverage for flood did not exist for personal insurance in Canada. Now a few insurance companies have started to offer flood coverage solutions to better protect their customers.

    Contact us with any questions or to ensure you have the correct coverage to suit your needs.