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  1. Preparing Your House For Vacation

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    Winter is coming, and for many of us that means cold weather and harsh driving conditions; Shovelling snow and salting our stairs while bundling up head to toe.

    But for those lucky enough, it’s time to escape down south to warmer weathers and sandy beaches.

    Here are some suggestions every Homeowner should think about before locking up and heading out regardless of how long you’re gone.

    • Shut Off the Water – Every home has a Main Shut off Valve which controls water coming in through your pipes. It’s generally located in the basement near the front of the house.
      • Don’t forget to drain your pipes after shutting off the water.
      • It’s important to maintain your heat while you’re away to ensure your pipes don’t freeze.
    • Ask For Help – Have a friend, neighbour or someone you trust check on your property every few days. Give them a spare key to make sure there’s no water damage and also have them take in the mail.
    • Do Not Broadcast Your Absence – In the digital age of Social Media, it can be tempting to count down the days to your vacation via Facebook Posts or Twitter. Always think twice about who might see those posts, and who could take advantage of the knowledge that you’re not home.
    • Unplug – Your television, computer, and other appliances can use energy even while not in use. Unplugging them saves on energy use as well as protects them from surges while you’re away.