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    It’s no secret that in Ontario we are subject to harsh winters. Once the temperature drops below 7° C, all-season and summer tires begin to harden like hockey pucks. This reduces the traction drastically making it more dangerous to operate your vehicle.

    Winter tires are constructed with different rubber compounds allowing them to stay soft and flexible in colder temperatures. This translates into more grip and better stopping power during the winter months.

    Insurance companies have recognized this benefit and now offer discounts for having winter tires installed on your vehicle. The discount ranges from 3% to 5% depending on your insurance company.

    There are some restrictions on the availability of this discount including:

    • Tires must be marked with the Alpine Symbol (or clearly labeled as winter tires).
    • Full set of 4 tires must be installed.
    • Must be installed through the winter months.

    Additional restrictions may apply.

    If you would like more information or to have your discount added today, please give us a call.